Albany Pine Bush News



Missing! Please share this with anyone who uses the Preserve. Over the past year and a half, science staff at the Albany Pine Bush Preserve have been working diligently documenting wildlife using Reconyx wildlife cameras. This method for studying wildlife has virtually no effect on animals and the photos these cameras capture tell us what animals are found where and in what densities. They also tell us how wildlife uses the managed landscape that Commission staff work so hard to maintain. We currently have six cameras deployed in various areas of the Preserve and we unlock, move and relocate them every few weeks. Recently, one of our cameras deployed in the area bordered by Old State Road and Kings Road went missing. The memory card inside the camera contains invaluable information for our research while the camera itself is necessary to continue gathering that information. Although the device does contain a GPS tracking device, we would like to offer the opportunity for the camera and the memory card it contains to be returned, no questions asked. The camera is a camouflaged Reconyx HC600 Hyperfire camera with “APBP2” written on the inside. Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Wendy @ 4:33 pm