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Lupine Fest 2019 5/2/19

The festival will be held May 18th at the Discovery Center. Parking is at 302 Washington Avenue Ext. with shuttle rides to and from the parking area. Follow the PARKING signs. On-site handicap parking available. No pets allowed at this event.

Truax Burial Groun ... 3/7/19

The history of the Truax family is preserved thanks to the years of effort by local historians, conservationists and government officials. Our search that spring day was for the gravestones of tavern keeper Isaac Truax and his family.

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Ecosystem Restoration and Management

Ecosystem restoration and management in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve involves numerous methods. The reasons for this active and sometimes intense management are varied but are ultimately rooted in the loss of wildlife habitat caused by human development and the suppression of wildland fire, and the need to maintain and restore at least 2,000 acres of viable pitch pine scrub oak barrens. Human development has replaced more than 90 percent of the original pitch pine — scrub oak barrens. Many decades of fire suppression have also resulted in large areas of the Pine Bush being dominated by either invasive, non-native plants or native plants in unnaturally high densities. These changes have reduced and/or eliminated habitat for many native plants and animals, like the golden-winged warbler, eastern box turtle, regal fritillary butterfly and the endangered Karner blue butterfly. Consequently fire management and other techniques are used to restore this unique ecosystem. A summary of these techniques is provided in the linked web-pages, but for more details please consult the 2010 Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve.

Ecological Communities

Ecological Communities in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve