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Prairie warblers

A Species of Greatest Conservation Need in New York State and an excellent indicator of high quality pitch pine scrub oak barrens, the prairie warbler is a colorful but declining migratory bird of dry shrubland habitats. In an effort to understand how Preserve management influences habitat quality Conservation Director Neil Gifford, and seasonal science staff have marked 91 prairie warblers in the Preserve with unique color-coded leg bands since 2009: 42 birds in 2009, 24 birds in 2010, and 25 birds in 2011. This summer staff re-sighted 24 of the 61 male birds previously marked; including 29% of the males marked in 2009 and 57% of the male birds marked in 2010. Many of these birds returned to the same spots where they were initially banded. Adult survival and strong fidelity to breeding sites are positive indicators that Preserve management is maintaining high quality habitat for this species.

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