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An Unlikely Pair

APB Deer Fisher2The Commission’s wildlife camera trapping resumed this winter and we are already getting some interesting results! So far, our data suggest that the Albany Pine Bush Preserve supports a variety of generalist mammals that can be found throughout the Preserve in both restored barrens and forests. Even fisher, a species once thought to be restricted to large tracts of northern forests, venture into restored pitch-pine scrub-oak barrens. This January, we were lucky enough to capture a picture of two animals that share habitat in the Pine Bush but are rarely seen together. A white-tailed deer was foraging in front of a camera when a fisher walked by. The fisher seemed to take no notice of the deer but the deer seemed intrigued by the fisher. The two parted ways without incident giving us a rare glimpse of an interaction between these two species.

Wendy @ 12:17 pm

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