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2018 Pine Bush Per ... 11/20/18

On Nov 30, 2018 from 6pm to 7:30pm we will host the unveiling of our 5th juried photo exhibit, celebrating the uniqueness and diversity of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve.

Night at the Disco ... 11/5/18

We will host Night at the DC on Tues Nov 20, 2018, 4pm – 7pm. Visitors are invited to stop by the Discovery Center after normal business hours to play games, go on a moonlit walk and see the exhibits come to life.

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Teacher Kits

Teacher kits are curriculum-based, user-friendly tools designed to inspire and educate your students. Students who come out to the Pine Bush with background knowledge are ready and able to jump right into their hands-on field experience. You can check out a kit for free! The kits may be borrowed for two weeks at a time. It is your responsibility to pick-up the kit from the Discovery Center and return it to the Discovery Center within the two week period.

Contact us to schedule your two weeks today!

Erin Kinal, (518)456-0655 ext. 1212

Blake Etchison, (518)456-0655 ext. 1222

Discovery kit

Discover the Albany Pine Bush Preserve with this comprehensive, easy to use introductory kit. This kit is great for teachers and students who are just beginning to explore the unique habitat at the Pine Bush.

Pine barrens vernal ponds kit

Explore the dynamic world of pine barrens vernal ponds with us! This kit is a prerequisite to the vernal pond program that takes place in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. The contents include introductory information on the plants and animals that students may observe in the field and an opportunity to test out the scientific water quality equipment. After exploring this kit, your students will be eager to get out into the field to conduct meaningful scientific research.

Tick kit

Are you concerned about ticks? Learn about tick biology and the best practices for preventing tick borne diseases with this interactive kit.

Fire kit

Introduce students to the field of fire ecology and the use of prescribed fire in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve with our fire kit. Through the activities in this kit, students will explore the ecology of fire in the Pine Bush, plant and animal adaptations to fire and experience what it might be like to be a wildland firefighter.

Trade along the Kings Highway kit

How many buckskins do you need to trade for a tin kettle? How was trade conducted between early settlers and Native Americans in the Capital District area? Learn all this and more through a series of hands on games and activities contained in this kit.