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Insect Research in the Preserve!

The globally rare pitch pine scrub oak barrens in the Albany Pine Bush are famous for its unique and rich insect diversity. Entomologist M. Sam Adams will be working for the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission this summer to study Pine Bush beetle and bee communities. Using plastic cups buried in the sand, we will investigate how ground beetles recover and recolonize recently burned sites. To sample bees, we will be employing malaise traps. These traps look like camping tents but are designed to catch flying insects, which once in the tent, fly up to the top where they are collected. The study will compare the present day bee community in pitch pine scrub oak barrens with samples collected over 20 years ago by NYS Museum Entomologist Dr. Timothy McCabe. We are eager to see what we will find and excited to share it with you! If you come across one of traps this summer, please leave it to do its work and help us to learn more about this locally unique wildlife habitat.

Pit Fall Trap















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