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Week 5

This time I (Jeremy) went out with three junior docents to do the sampling, weather survey, and animal survey. It was not raining thankfully, but the overcast conditions made it seem like there would be a downpour. During the animal survey we saw many interesting organisms. Cassandra said, “There were lots of sparrows eating the bugs over the pond. A sandpiper flew over chased by two sparrows.” Shenandoah said, “We heard the territorial screech of crows.” We went over to investigate but we were unable to pick out what the crows were gathering for. Elena said, “On the animal survey along the pond’s edge we saw several interesting unidentified beetles as well as heard a beautiful chorus of birdsong.”

Jeremy, Shenandoah, Cassandra, & Elena

Week 6

This was week 6 of the pond monitoring program! It was a bright and sunny day thankfully; the rain passed through last night. Almost immediately we saw very interesting birds. There were many robins and sparrows, but the highlight was seeing two green herons flying away. Later on, we saw a Merlin being attacked by sparrows. The bees and wasps were up and about; there were so many that we couldn’t count all of them. We had to walk through masses of flowers full of bees and wasps. Somehow we weren’t stung although a few took a liking to our shirts. Herbicides were being used on invasive plants, primarily purple loosestrife and black locust, next to and near the pond. Hopefully this helps stop the spread of these invasive species, which could crowd out all the native plants and animals around the pond, including this cattail. A bee appeared to be pollinating it. See you next week!


Week 8   

This was week 8 of the pond monitoring program, and the second to last for the summer! It was a bright and sunny day thankfully. It hasn’t rained in a while, the water level seemed low at certain points. We saw five birds sitting on the stumps in the center of the pond. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a good look at them. There weren’t as many bees today, but definitely still hundreds. They seem to enjoy a yellow flower that has been blooming is large masses at the pond. We also saw a white flower that we have seen before, but today it seemed to be spreading. That’s something we’ll be looking into next week. See you next week, on our last day of summer of pond monitoring!


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