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P1100290We, the Jr. Docents of the Discovery Center, spend our summer monday’s monitoring the vernal pond in the Landfill Restoration Area using a variety of techniques. Monday was our first day out this summer.

We got 3 samples of water and did multiple tests with the water to measure oxygen, nitrate, pH, and much more. We also found and identified a bunch of insects, such as a Henry’s Marsh Moth Caterpillar (found on cattails) and the Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly (one that resembles a Karner Blue Butterfly). Although we did have a slight drizzle in the beginning, it turned out to be a beautiful day at the pond.

Jeremy, Unnas, Harun & Shenandoah

Picture By Jeremy of Henry’s Marsh Moth Caterpillar

Blake @ 2:54 pm

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