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Dragonfly Exuvia

The weather was nice today and unfortunately we couldn’t hike out due to the high temperatures, but nonetheless, we had a great time. Our newest addition to the Pond Monitoring Crew, Intern Cece, added great insight to our adventure. This week we honed in on the data part of the trip. We have seen a lot of fluctuations this year, and the pond has really changed since we began monitoring it in 2012.
We noticed that the number of dragonflies was much higher than last time, with all sorts of large and small dragonflies zooming around our heads. Along the pond edge, there were lots of exuvia on cattails. The larvae crawl out of the water, break out of their shell and emerge as an adult dragonfly.
Signing off,
Jeremy, Unnas, Shreyas, Harun, Leland

Blake @ 1:28 pm

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