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We drove out to the pond, so we had time to walk around the yellow trail after the testing. We had a lot of Jr. Docents today, which made the testing faster and more fun. “[We] thought the history behind the pond was very fascinating. We saw a blue heron flying around; that was cool.” – Sasha.

“We used new testing strips today along with our usual tablets. There were a lot of difference between the 2 types” – Shreyas. We are interested to look into why the nitrate strips and tablets came up with different results.

We continued to see Karner Blue Butterflies, which is always a great thing. We also saw lots of turtles sunning on the logs and swimming around in the murky water. Overall, it was a great day to be out on Pond Monitoring!

Signing off,

Unnas, Jeremy, Shreyas, Pranav, Leland, Sasha, and Lisa

Blake @ 3:12 pm

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