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Whip-poor-will photo by Michael Drummond

Once abundant here whip-poor-will have all but dissappeared from the Pine Bush and most of their former habitat across the northeast. Feeding primarily on moths, these are loud nocturnal birds most active on clear moon-lit nights. Commission scientists are participating in a multiyear regional effort to track these birds; for the first time since 2009 a whip-poor-will was heard recently in the Kings Rd Barrens by Field Ecologist, Amanda Dillon. We’d appreciate your help in documenting whip-poor-will. Please let us know If you hear whip-poor-will in the Preserve area by dropping an e-mail to

Click here to listen to a whip-poor-will that was recorded in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve in April 2012.


~Neil Gifford, Conservation Director




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