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The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission was created in 1988 by the NYS Legislature to protect and manage the Albany Pine Bush and provide the public with educational and recreational opportunities. The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission is a New York State public benefit corporation that works with its member’s agencies and municipalities to promote its mission, including the Department of Environmental Conservation, Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, City of Albany, Towns of Colonie and Guilderland, Albany County and The Nature Conservancy. The Commission is not a non-profit but works cooperatively with the non-profit organization, Friends of the Pine Bush Community, Inc. to further conservation and education within the Preserve. Donations to the Friends are tax-deductible. Funding for the Commission comes from the NYS Environmental Protection Fund, endowments and other public and private support. Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission staff are employees of the Commission. Staff are not New York State employees. The Commission is a participating employer with New York State for employee benefits.

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