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Pine Bush Prairie Photo By J. Hecht

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Friends of the Pine Bush Community, Inc. is a 501(c)3 membership organization formed for the charitable and educational purpose of supporting the activities of the Commission. The Friends work cooperatively with Commission staff to further conservation and education within the Preserve, especially through organized activities and programs at the Discovery Center.

Wish List

We hope you will consider donating some of the following materials to our Education (including the Center animals) and Conservation programs:

  • Bath towels – can be old and worn but clean
  • Gift cards for animal food items at grocery stores
  • Gift cards to Petsmart for our Discovery Center animals
  • Large pieces of natural fabric for enclosure backdrops
  • Working in-tank filters and filter accessories
  • Water quality test strips for reptiles
  • Turtle treats- Cuttle bone, pre-packaged treats, frozen fruits
  • Large aquariums/terrariums over 75 gallons
  • Empty metal coffee cans
  • Gas or charcoal grill for our interns
  • A couch (in good to excellent condition) to make the intern house comfy
  • Kitchen table and/or chairs suitable for 6 people
  • Newer refrigerator
  • Floor lamps or other lighting

Please call the Discovery Center at (518)456-0655 if you’d like to donate any of these items.



Corporate Sponsorship

Please contact the Commission’s Executive Director at (518)456-0655 ext. 1218 or email if your organization wishes join others in our community to sponsor many of the activities the Commission is involved in. Opportunities include underwriting student programs at the Discovery Center, student transportation, educational supplies, public education programming, scientific research and monitoring, native habitat restoration and supporting recreational resources. Naming opportunities are also considered for Discovery Center exhibits and outdoor amenities.

Land Donation

Please contact the Commission’s Executive Director at (518)456-0655 ext. 1218 or email if you have property you wish to consider adding to the protected lands of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Donations of real property are typically considered a charitable contribution with the owner realizing tax benefits.