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Lupine Fest 2019 5/2/19

The festival will be held May 18th at the Discovery Center. Parking is at 302 Washington Avenue Ext. with shuttle rides to and from the parking area. Follow the PARKING signs. On-site handicap parking available. No pets allowed at this event.

Truax Burial Groun ... 3/7/19

The history of the Truax family is preserved thanks to the years of effort by local historians, conservationists and government officials. Our search that spring day was for the gravestones of tavern keeper Isaac Truax and his family.

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Friends Volunteer Opportunities

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The Friends of The Pine Bush Community offers and provides fun and engaging volunteer opportunities to its membership. And, lucky you, there are currently two categories that would benefit from your involvement:

Community Outreach

Members are needed to help staff information tables throughout the Capital District. Members on this committee should have good interpersonal skills and a positive, enthusiastic attitude and be able to effectively communicate with people of all ages. Training will be provided and members are asked to assist with 4 – 6 events per year.

Special Events

Assistance is needed with a variety of special events that take place throughout the year. The events include: silent auctions, photo exhibits, Lupine Fest, special donor events as well as other entertaining activities. Members should be able to communicate effectively and work well within a team dynamic. Members are asked to assist with the planning, set up and implementation of 3 events per year.

Contact us

If you are interested in joining us in the above activities please call us at 518-690-2764 or send us an email at