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“Regulation changes are needed to implement many of the strategies of the recently adopted Management Plan for White-tailed Deer,” Commissioner Martens said.  “The changes to the deer hunting seasons, mandatory antler restrictions, use of Deer Management Permits (DMPs), and development of Deer Management Focus Areas will increase opportunities for New York hunters, consistent with input we’ve received from the public and deer management goals.”

DEC adopted the five- year deer management plan in October 2011 following extensive public input and can be viewed at:

Comments previously submitted on the draft deer management plan were important in finalizing the deer plan and developing this rulemaking proposal.  DEC will accept public comments on this proposal through May 21, 2012.  Comments on this rule should be specific to the proposals herein and should not be resubmissions of previous comments submitted on the full deer management plan or previous regulatory proposals.

To see more detailed explanations of these proposals, including instructions for providing comments, visit the DEC website at .  The proposed rulemaking can also be viewed in detail in the April 4, 2012 publication of the New York State Register, which is available at


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