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Frosted Elfin photo by A. DillonThe frosted elfin, (Callophrys irus)  a NYS Threatened species who like the Karner blue, feeds only on lupine as a caterpillar, are once again out and about in the Preserve. The elfin overwinter in their chrysalids and eclose as lupine emergences from its winter dormancy.  Frosted elfin are found at just about every lupine patch in the Preserve, so if you are visiting the Preserve and see lupine, keep you eyes peeled for this rare little brown butterfly; it is one of 45 wilidlife Species of Greatest Conservation Need that call the Preserve home.

Join us on 4/19 for an evening lecture on the biology, status and threats to the frosted elfin. Click here to sign up.

Neil Gifford, Conservation Director

Neil @ 9:47 am

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