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Today kicked off the 2015 Pond Monitoring Program! The weather was VERY cooperative and we were able to have a pleasant hike out to the pond. Leaders, Jeremy Collison and Unnas Hussain, had a great time teaching the new Jr Docents all about the Water Quality Tests and Animal Surveys. Something we really wanted to emphasize this year was WHY we do this. Our vernal pond is a part of a larger restoration area near the landfill that has been monitored by the Jr. Docent program since the first year it was filled. We have been able to track the recruitment of wildlife, the shifts in water quality and the general landscape change over the past few years. Today was a first for many in our group.  Read their reflections below!

“There was a surprising variety of birds and I learned quite a lot about the different species of birds that inhabit the Pine Bush. Site 3 of the Water Quality Testing was an outlier in the data and was somewhat different from the other 2 sites. I’m looking forward to seeing how the pond changes and develops”- Andreea

“We didn’t see the Karner Blue, but we saw some lupine [which is the KBB’s main source of food]. We saw butterflies and animals”-Pranav

“After the hike to the vernal pond, we took water samples and ran tests. The best part of the day was counting the animals. We walked around the pond, counting many birds and a few turtles. It was a great experience”-Sam

Our team really enjoyed the day out and we are looking forward to this summer of Pond Monitoring!

-Jeremy, Unnas, Andreea, Pranav, Sam and Leland

A silver-spotted skipper decided to take a break and pose on an old milkweed flower.

A silver-spotted skipper decided to take a break and pose on an old milkweed flower.


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