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Dear Preserve Stewards,

I hope that you all had a lovely holiday season!  I was on vacation the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and then spent the short week after that catching up on e-mails and getting myself organized so I don’t have much to report from that time period.

Since then we’ve been working hard on both indoor and outdoor projects!  Indoor work has included things like working on the production of a new trails map for the preserve, organizing all of our GIS files, and completing the budget for next fiscal year (beginning April 2012).  By this point in the year, we typically would not be able to do  much more outdoor work, but with the relatively warm weather (this weekend excluded!!!) and the lack of snow, we have been able to continue working on outdoor projects.  Dave and Tyler have been continuing right along with “drill and fill” aspen herbiciding work, and last week I was able to finish installing split rail fences and signage at Blueberry Hill to keep preserve visitors on the new trails system and off of the recently closed trails.  Although the ground was frozen, I was able to dig post holes anyway with our tractor powered post hole digger.  We purchased this implement last spring, and what a great tool it has turned out to be!

We will begin laying out the next iteration of preserve trail changes in the next few weeks, will continue to tackle the aspen herbiciding project, and plan to finish up some late season mowing in the near future.  It’s kind of fun to get some “bonus time” to keep working outside, we’re getting a lot accomplished which feel good!  Hope all is well with you, talk to you again soon!


~Jesse Hoffman, Preserve Steward

Jesse @ 3:03 pm

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