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Commission Members

In 1988, the New York State Legislature created the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission to protect and manage the unique and endangered natural communities and species of the Albany Pine Bush for ecological, recreational, and educational benefits.

The Commission consists of:

Mayor Kathy Sheehan

City of Albany

Supervisor Paula Mahan

Town of Colonie

Supervisor Peter Barber

Town of Guilderland

Hon. Daniel P. McCoy

Albany County

Keith Goertz

Director, Region 4 NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Rose Harvey

Commissioner, NYS Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation

Jessica Ottney Mahar

The Nature Conservancy NY

Dr. Harvey Alexander

Citizen Member

John Brust

Citizen Member and Corporate Liaison

Nancy Pierson

Citizen Member

Dr. Steven Rice

Citizen Member

To date, a patchwork of 3,200 acres of the Pine Bush Preserve have been protected through the cooperative efforts of the Commission.