Welcome to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve

The Albany Pine Bush Preserve protects one of the best and last remaining examples of an inland pine barrens ecosystem on earth. Explore and enter a land of beauty and transformation here in the backyard of New York State's Capital District.

Rolling sand dunes blanketed with prairie grass and pitch pine trees

Disturbance dependent

Inland pine barrens depend on intermittent disturbance to survive. Historically, fire was a source of disturbance that rejuvenated the Albany Pine Bush, and maintained this habitat as a young forest. To learn more about young forests of the northeast, click here.

The land between Albany and Schenectady, NY is home to an unlikely ecological gem. Rolling sand dunes blanketed in pine, oak, heaths and prairie grass stretch for miles across an ancient lake bed. A relic of the last Ice Age, this landscape is known locally as the Albany Pine Bush. Scientifically, it is recognized as a northeastern interior pine barrens, or more simply an inland pine barrens ecosystem.

Over 3,350 acres are currently protected as the Albany Pine Bush Preserve encompassing critical habitat for inland pine barrens-dependent species as well as a diversity of species more common to the northeast. Explore the pages of our website to learn more about this fascinating landscape.

Trail marker in the Pine Bush Preserve

Come visit and experience the Albany Pine Bush!

With an accessible interpretive center open seven days a week and over 20 miles of trails, there are many ways to experience the Albany Pine Bush Preserve in person. Check out our Visit page for more information on planning your visit to the Albany Pine Bush Preserve!